Coaching Membership with Laura Greenberg

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Your very own personalized coaching team designed to nurture your career, awaken your spirit, and expand your life.
Your coaching membership includes: 

  • Coach Matching: a 30-minute 1:1 coach-matching session to select your dedicated coach
  • Human Design Blueprint: a 50-page custom PDF on how to thrive at work and in life based on your unique human design profile
  • Dedicated 1:1 Coaching: Two virtual 60-min coaching calls with your dedicated coach
  • Unlimited Laser Coaching: as needed 30-minute laser coaching with your dedicated coach 
  • Unlimited Well-Being Coaching: as needed 30-minute sessions with our team of speciality practitioners for your spirit, mind and body.
  • No risk: get matched with a new dedicated coach or cancel your membership at any time

We guide you to the coaches and practitioners best suited to help deliver the life and work experience you crave. From executive coaches to astrology, akashic record readings to mind+gut health specialists, our team of coaches supports the entirety of you.

You get twice monthly support from your dedicated coach and unlimited as-needed 30-minute specialty sessions; restore your energy, dive into your curiosity and reframe curveballs into opportunities.

Big goals can be accomplished quickly. New goals can emerge overnight. If you want to adjust your coaching team simply contact us to be rematched. Or if you've received all you came for, simply log into your account and cancel your membership.

Get all the personal development support you need with one click.