The Mini Course: Track 2 Experienced Leaders

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For those beginning their journey as a leader to those looking to further enhance their skills, this series is designed to develop, enhance and elevate the strategic development of leaders.  Track 2: Strategic Leadership: Honing Your Skills as a Mature Leader, further advances the management and leadership skills of those already in management. The focus is on empowering teams, unlocking innovation and increasing overall leadership effectiveness.


  • Understanding of the role of a manager and people leader
  • Educated managers with tools and a leader-first mentality
  • Awareness of mental shifts needed to increase leadership effectiveness.
  • Implementation of daily practices to enhance strategic focus.
  • Tools to enhance listening and communication skills. 
  • New approaches to activate the potential of all team members.

Strategic Leadership Series:

Six week course that includes one 30-minute intensive coaching sessions + 15 minute Q&A per week.

Track 2: Strategic Leadership: Honing Your Skills as a Mature Leader.

Module 1: Learning how to listen: how to know if you are and how to be more effective.

Module 2: Communicating to win: preparation, perspective, perform.

Module 3: Leading vs. doing: how to empower your teams to deliver their best work.

Module 4: Problem solving in innovation: understanding the power of momentum and contrast. 

Module 5: Respecting the seasons of work: the key in retaining and nurturing your talent.

Module 6: How to hone your intuition: the hidden tool of successful leaders.


The next 6-week course will begin February 2023.

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